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Day 3 – Basel to Turin

Welcome to the Twisties. The speed demons have been ticked off. We leave the hotel at a leisurely hour form up as team Kilo and proceed onto the Autoroute to take us to the first pass. Leaving the Autoroute and onto A and B roads our speed drops as we pass through Swiss towns and villages. With snow capped mountains in the distance we move ever closer to the Alps.

We meet up with team Hotel and have an impromptu photo session with a stunning backdrop. Rally for Heroes is one big happy family. Lunch done and the first pass completed. Pushing on we start the climb up the Grand St Bernard, passing through stunning villages.

The hills are alive to the sound of throbbing V8’s screaming V10’s and the unmistakeable glorious sound of a Ferrari.On reaching the top a quick leg stretch and lap up the scenery.Now in Italia the home of Ferrari and Pizza. On the descent sweeping bends and hairpins were dispatched with suitable aplomb as we used all off the road.

Matt Monroe joins us on the radio as we embrace “On Days like These” can it get any better? Arrived hotel late but still had time for some food and a relaxing drink.

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