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Cams Mill Supercars

Write up bellow photos....

Cams Mill Super Cars Fresh from fundraising on Saturday we hot footed it down to Fareham for Supercams Supercars. Commander Foghorn gave us a hell of a briefing, not sure what is was about though, meanwhile Benn Mike and Cheryl jumped on the band wagon we were all briefed out.Busy straight from the start with no prizes for who was the busiest ride. Roary swung by and then went bouncing in the jungle obviously feeling his old self. England playing seriously curtailed our footfall but with a good win you never know it might improve and did. Rides went really well and some of the not so popular cars popped there ride cherries. No final totals yet but over £1000 accredited to rides alone with other activities still to be counted.SSAFA coffers are bulging again. For once the weather was on our side and there are 

a few red noses and heads around.Thanks to Cams Mill and there staff for hosting us as well as everyone that gave up their time and helped out. Mike and Cheryl you played a blinder. 

Some of the above photos have been sent into us by an up and coming photographer Tommy Ross Tomkins Many thanks from all at Rally For Heroes

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