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Top Secret

Sshh you know who. I vill say dis only vonce. Our mission was to go to the middle of nowhere and do absolutely nothing. Loads of pap running round with cameras even our Nick ventured into the scorching sun which made a great change.At least we were only given instructions from 2 persons. Poor James he borrowed a certain Stang and then Chloe decided it would be a wheeze to hide a baby blue in the grass, when James returned Captain Benn appeared covered in grass carrying a steering wheel. James’s face was a picture to behold ‘twas Ok as baby blue was tucked up in Hans truck can’t think how it got there. A portaloo was clocked at 155 good job it wasn’t a police box.Claire a very kind lady appeared bearing gifts mainly sandwiches and refreshments. For payment she accepted and was given Dream Rides,in the cars of her choice. After the media pics and video were in the can it became playtime on a big wide runway yee haa. Note to self remember to select a gear first. A drag race ensued on the black top. The Lambo had gone so top dog was up for grabs. Jim’s M4 being the surprise package. The mighty Vette emerged victorious. There was some cheating but enough said. While we were playing some intrepid souls were out swelling the SSAFA pots to the tube £273. A great day had by all and many ta’s for setting it up. 

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