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Bonnjourno  Day 4 Guess what we did today? Yep we went for a drive funny that, only today our route takes us to the picturesque City of Venezia.Managed to swap Wendy and enjoyed the company of Benn’s Mum in Law Eileen,also transferred to Team Hotel for the run. Not sure what Team Hotel are up to as one of the members carried on Knitting her scarf, new hotel uniform perhaps. Scream if you want to go faster as I buried the pedal into the Axminster Eileen held on shut her peepholes and I hope loved every minute as we went north of 140. Question time ensued with fascinating facts airing over the air waves. Crikey there were an awful amount of pregnant fish on the road..We journeyed into Venice for the Rally special stage of Gondola cruising crossed the Rialto Bridge,walked St Marco’s piazza, ate Italian gelato and spaghetti bog and Carbonara. A truly awesome day 

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