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Arrivaderci Italy

Day 5 Day wise we are halfway through but we still have over a 1000 miles yet to drive to achieve the 5 Mile minimum goal. Leaving Italy we cross into Slovenia and a mahoosive queue at a fuel station a tankful is more than €20 cheaper. We come across perfection for a petrolhead couple a tunnel named Prosecco. Spent at least 1/2 an hour sat in the queue to cross into Croatia. Hitting the coastal road we are mesmerised by the stunning views of the Adriatic Coast. Traffic is heavy and slow moving.Quick pit stop for a coffee and yep you guessed right. We make the decision to abandon the coastal route and head for the Autoroute. Luckily for us it comperes to the twisties unluckily for us we get stuck behind a Tanker. Using the radio’s we totally surprised an Italian who had pushed in, as 2 of us passed him and another car and lorry bet his face was a picture. Autoroute is quiet and gives us a chance to play an take pictures. We venture into Split and the old town and and relax and unwind in the ambience of the town with the knowledge we made the correct decision. 

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