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Whattashow At Wattisham

Venturing East into the sugar beet fields of deepest Suffolk, for some of us twas a first. Wednesday is curry night as the rally family enjoyed a ruby on a school night. Back on Benn’s old stomping ground (Wattisham Airfield) we set up the Miles for Smiles car paddock with military precision well almost. The static car show assembled as did the Smiley Miley booking area and the fundraising stall.Most important thing first was for the Rally family to wish and sing Happy Birthday to Eloise who was a big 10 years old, no Mr K you can’t have cake yet.Before the show opened the New base commander and his family were collected from there residence by a convoy of Supercars and taken to the main event. Smiley Mileys went down extremely well,with the booking staff continually busy as well as doing the raffle and tombola thank you Ladies and gents. Simon being Simon spoke to everyone about SSAFA and the RFH rides and cause. Meanwhile at the ride area all cars were busy with a constant supply of participants being ferried in by Andy a rally vet and Jason thanks guys. The “Fezza” and “Macca” proved to be popular thanks Jason P and Dom. On the track red tape was broken whilst a couple of grass cutting events were witnessed all in all a very successful day. Many thanks to Wattisham Airfield for hosting us,Benn for the organisation, The Mustang Owners Club for there support, Nick Williams for the photography with the “Apache”, The Rally family and finally SSAFA who will be the beneficiary of our endeavours. Footnote estimated total raised for the day £1500. PS by all accounts there was a fantastic air show taking place above our heads but missed by most of us.See you at Denbies. 

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