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Another cold Friday Birmingham night in January so that can only mean one thing in the RFH calendar NEC Autosport Show. I appear to have been set up my P n J has violated defineately been graped there was a bunch of them. Set up for this show is always a hassle but this year it were relatively problem free and we all managed to catch a well deserved drink before bedtime. Alarm set for silly o’clock before the muster point in hall 3A. The 2 stands appear to be working well, have you ever wondered why “ The Stig” only appears here yet Roary is always wandering around making new friends. Day 1 done time for the RFH family bonding curry. 26 sat down for a succulent “Ruby” thanks to Joel for organising. Food demolished time for a presentation, it seems that one of our C in C’s has been celebrating a burp day,Colin the Caterpillar and another large cake with candles appeared Happy Birthday Steve. He swears he is only 48 but we know he is telling porkies. Come back tomorrow for Part Deux. 

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