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Benn Laidler MBE

Director of PR

About me...

Hi My names Benn and I'm one of the Co-founders of Rally for Heroes, currently the Director of PR & Corporate Sponsorship. I'm currently serving with the Royal Navy, but am ex Army.  I am married to Claire and we have two wonderful children, Eloise (12) and Ethan (11).


I've been a serving member of the Armed Forces since 1993 and have been posted worldwide to places such as Kenya, Germany, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as my fair share of tours to Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.


I am an absolute petrol-head, loving anything that has an engine in it and more importantly driving it! A keen track day enthusiast, I have frequented many of the UK’s race tracks as well as clocking up laps on the world-famous Nürburgring in Germany (although not quite as many as Mick!).

I'll be doing this years Rally with my best mate James.  James is also Ex Forces, having left many years ago he moved onto retail owning his own Jewellery company until deciding to semi-retire this year.

He owns an absolutely insane Caterham Superlight 20 with the worlds supply of Carbon Fibre and no windscreen!

James is married to Clare and has 2 fantastic children, Abby 13 (going on 20!) and Aaron 11


Rally for Heroes is the ultimate excuse for us to carry out our favourite pastimes whilst raising money for charities very close to our hearts.

Our Wheels...

I've had a varied selection of cars since I've been doing the Rallys, from a Jaguar XFS on the first one to 4Ltr TVR Tuscan in 2012 & 2014 to last year when I changed the Tuscan for a fire-breathing 4.5Ltr V8 TVR Cerbera.  Alas, the TVRs were ultimately costing too much to keep on the road so last year the TVR went...

But, its now been replaced by some American muscle in the form of a 2017 Mustang GT, 5Ltrs of ungodly V8 grunt & an obscenely loud exhaust all of which adds up to lots and lots of grins!

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