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We have so much admiration for SSAFA and everything they do to help the forces family, as one of the UK’s longest serving military charities find out why we have chosen SSAFA as our forces charity for 2022.

SSAFA believes that the commitment of our Forces and their families deserves our lifelong support. So they provide practical, emotional and financial support to anyone who is serving or has ever served in Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force, and their families.

Whenever our Forces need them, SSAFA will do whatever they can to help. They’ve been doing that since 1885, through two World Wars and through every conflict since. But SSAFA can only do that with the help of people who support them.

This Rally every 5 miles of the Rally represents the life of a serviceman or woman who has fallen in combat since the start of the Afghanistan conflict. This is especially important for SSAFA, as they provide specialist support to hundreds of bereaved and injured service families affected by recent conflicts, including Afghanistan.

SSAFA is always looking for people who can help continue their work. If you have the time there are great volunteering opportunities and brilliant fundraising events to take part in. Or you can make a big difference simply by donating online.

Find out how you can get involved with SSAFA

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