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Sir Bill McLean


About Me:

Sir William (Bill) McLean. or 'Sir Wills'


I am a retired Police Officer from the sunny suburbs of Glasgow. 'Glesga'

Having specialised in the 'Flying Squad' and Traffic while working closely with the Royal Navy's Provost Marshal unit. (Shore patrol)

I retired and moved lock stock and smoking exhaust to the south of The UK. 


I started getting involved in charity while working as driver for the town Mayor here in Poole. 


Starting a wee biz teaching 4x4 owners how to drive responsibly and making them aware of their footprint. BOFA4x4 was born.

Yet another name. BOFA Bill. 


I was Chief scrutineer at the Abingdon 4x4 charity event for a number of years. Any questions just ask. 

See you all at the start. 

Why am I participating in ‘Rally for Heroes’ 2018? 

I was introduced to 'Rally for Heroes' in July 2011 joining their admin team looking after the entrants, scrutineering them and their vehicles. Its amazing what essentials people forget to bring. 

My Car:  

I am on my 2nd Range Rover which once again has been 'tweeked' 

capable of leaving TVR's behind until I get to a bend. 

0-60 and back to 0 quicker than most. 

Aston Martins just do not leave me behind on the straights. 

I am still part of the events management team. 

The photo is us getting a Police escort through Poole en route to an event. 

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