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Blair Thomson

RfH Advanced Party and Entrant Support

About Me: 


I have been in the British Army for 18 years serving with the Royal Engineers and involved with the Rally since 2011 when Mick and Benn asked if the Armed Forces Rally Team would attend a funding raising event in Yeovil, of course I had such an amazing time that I have been involved ever since and love every minute of it. 


I am very luck and had the privilege to represent the Army and Tri-Service as a Rally Driver.  This has been in landrover's  competing at national events in the UK.  However it has now led me to own my very own Rally Car in which I am Rallying in the MSN Circuit Rally Championship 2018/19 Season. 


My Rally car is a Peugeot 205 Mi16 fully rebuilt in 2016/17.  There is something special about being able to rally and going "Full Chat" through forests or on closed roads in the UK and I am lucky enough to have grown up when it was very popular.  


Motorsport is unique and exciting and I feel very lucky to have be able to drive and Rally some of the vehicles I have not only in the UK but all round Europe on this amazing adventure while doing our bit for charity. 


I have a amazing girlfriend Shannon who puts up with all my time away doing Army work and still puts up with the time I have away at motorsport events. 



Why Am I a member of the admin team for Rally for Heroes. 


Since joining the Royal Engineers in 2000, I have been involved in a lot of the modern conflicts/wars. I have met some amazing people along the way with work  and am lucky enough to still have them as Friends today. However I have also lost a fair few too and had many friends who have come back not quite whole in body or mind. 


SSAFA do an amazing job of helping with my friends and colleagues, not only that but they also look at the families and how they can be helped in what can be life-changing effects.  I hope we will always meet our fundraising targets and share in the challenging adventure. 


I along with some other admin staff will be there to greet you at the hotels along the way. I also get involved in many of the fundraising events up and down the UK. 


See you all soon.


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