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Dave Tipler

Team Leader

About Me:

I am a Communications Engineering Officer in the Royal Air Force (bottom left on the photo) having served both in the UK and Overseas over the last 22 years experiencing several Operational deployments, including Afghanistan. I am married to Sue and have two daughters Aimee and Chloe. I have also been accompanied on 5 of the RFH Rallies including 3 European and 2 venturing north of the Border by my long suffering wife and became a team leader for the first time 2015 during the Great North Adventure which was an experience I repeated in 2016 during the last European Trip. I am an avid car enthusiast and constantly get blamed by Sue for dragging Chloe into the same environment as she now shares my keen interest and will hopefully be my fully fledged co-driver in 2018 instead of just a passenger and map reader as in previous years.

Why am I participating in ‘Rally for Heroes’ 2018? 

During my time in the Armed Forces I have experienced some tremendous highs but also some earth shattering lows. These journeys have made it clear to me that you never know what is waiting for you right around the corner.  But what you can be assured of is the close knit family that will be right there with you. From the people we work with day in and day out to the strangers that cross our paths only once in a lifetime but make an everlasting impression. The Armed Forces Charities that are there to support us in our times of need are one of those such groups and I know from personal experience the amazing and timely work that SSAFA has been involved with over the years and I therefore feel honoured to be able to give something back to help ensure that work continues long into the future for those that need it.

My Car:  Mercedes E350 AMG Coupe

The Mercedes E350 AMG Coupe combines Performance and Prestige in equal quantities with the performance to rival many a mid-engined sports car with the refinement and comfort you expect from one of Germany’s most prestigious manufacturers. As my daily drive it is just at home pounding up and down the motorway as lighting up the twisties around any mountain pass (as long as there is a barrier and not some stupid piece of white tape stopping you flying over the edge).

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