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Simon Warner

Web-Master and Social Media 

Well here we are again... 2018 is fast approaching I am here again to support all of your Web-Needs.

I have been part of Rally For Heroes since 2011 when I was original approached to assist with running the website and Forum. (Oh dear that was a disaster from Day 1 - I went and killed the new site within minutes.....)-- Sorry Benn and Mick

But once I had negotiated my way around the site and recovered what had been lost we were back up running again - and they keep asking me back...


I am known in RfH as 'Pinky' - long story come and ask me if you really want to know...

I am 45yrs old and live in the Midlands

I have two daughters Emily (18) and Zoe (14) they have supported me through thick and thin, but the Petrol-Head side of me has only really rubbed off on Zoe.. who likes to use the word 'BOOST' when I am driving around in my car.

I currently drive a 2018 BMW M140i Shadow Edition.

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