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Steve & Wendy

Rally Bloggers

About us...

Hi folks I'm Stevejay and this is the better half Wendy.

We have been involved with RfH since November 2011 when I attended my first fund raiser, on a cold wet Sunday morning in Yeovil.


After I signed up to participate Wendy's  words were " I'm not sitting in a car for a week and driving all those miles with you," how wrong was she as we are now gearing up for our 4th rally together! Having taken part in 2012, 2014 and in 2016 I was confirmed as a team leader and a "Redcoat". Having written RfH articles for various magazines and the 2016 Rally Blog, I have been asked to do the same in 2018, in a more official capacity.

In our experience it is worthwhile attending shows and fundraisers as this gives us the opportunity to meet other participants, admin members and contribute to the rally experience, as well as the overall rally objectives in supporting SSAFA.


Wendy and I attend as many events as possible and are easily approachable so hope to meet you at an event in the near future. 

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