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Team Alpha


Corvette ZS1

Driver: Chris Hannis
Co-driver: Sheighla Hannis.

We were first introduced to Rally for Heroes a few years back by friends who will also be participating in this event. We didn’t get to go on the 2016 adventure but have been along and helped out at other RFH organised charity events.

We’ve been on some epic road trips in the past and in August we are looking forward to taking part in this event as part of Team Alpha. We love cars and we hope to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery the 10 countries have to offer. All this and at the same time raising funds for a deserving charity!

Whilst we have no military experience ourselves, we have friends who are serving in the armed services.

We will be taking our nippy Honda Civic Type-R (FN2) on this trip – we look forward to checking the performance on the twisty roads..!

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Honda Civic Type-R

Driver: Peter Trojkovic

Co-driver: Tina Trojkovic

Tina & Peter are excited to be joining the Team Alpha and the rest of the rally participants on this our first ever rally.

Despite this being our first ever Rally and coming all the way from Australia, we are quite familiar with the roads in Europe having spent many a road trip there. So hopefully we won’t drive on the wrong side of the road too often.

This rally will be taking us to some countries we have never had the chance to visit before and we are really looking forward to this section of the trip.

Our ride for the 2018 RFH will be a good friends BMW 2 series convertible. There is not too much that we can say about our ride as we have not driven it before, but despite being a Mercedes owner for many years, I am sure that the BMW will be a fine & comfortable ride.


VW Touran

I am a semi-retired freelance regulatory consultant advising financial institutions and software houses on European directives.  My main interests are flying (I am the holder of a private pilot’s licence), driving, running, triathlons and skiing.  I enjoy travelling to new places and have either driven or flown around much of the USA, Europe and Australia.  

This will be my third rally having participated in the 2015 Great Northern Adventure around Scotland and the 2016 Rally for Heroes. I am looking forward to being involved once again this year combining my love of driving with raising money for a great cause.

My car once again is a 2011 convertible Shelby Mustang GT500.

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FB_IMG_1469039390536 (002).jpg

Convertible Shelby Mustang GT500

Driver: Steve Stannard

Co-driver: John Bridger

Steve and John are pleased to be joining Team Alpha. This will be our third Rally and the second time we have joined team Alpha. We are really looking forward to the long days driving, seeing all the sites, and visiting new countries.

We have been friends since school and have travelled around Europe for many years. Steve in cars, and John (before he saw sense) on Motor bikes. This year’s rally takes us to countries we have never thought about driving to. And we think it will be a great experience.

Stephen Stannard MP4 12C.jpg

McLaren MP4 12C

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