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Team Delta

I’ve been asked to head up team Delta this year in what will be my third R4Hs.  The first in 2012 was in a BMW 335i with my Dad as co-driver, the second in 2016 was in a Porsche Cayman R with a friend and this year will be a more hard-core experience using a Caterham CSR 260 with an ex-Army friend Jamie, my fellow Delta co-leader.

I'm still serving in the Army 28 years after I joined.  Over the period I've deployed to many of the wars/crisis that were part of Tony Blair's overseas endeavours including Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Many of the names on the brass shell case we will be carrying were colleagues and friends of Jamie and I.  Our event has now grown to become SSAFA's largest single fundraising event, which I'm proud to be supporting.


Simon Hutchings

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Caterham CSR 260

Graham and Joel Moody (Father and Son team)

We have both always loved all sorts of cars in any format, whether being an F1 car, touring, rally or road car they all tick the box.

Regularly popping along to various car events and charity shows, we often raise funds for UK children's charities through the Sporting Bears Motor Club. It's through this activity and knowing others that have been on the Rally For Heroes previously, that we discovered this great tour around Europe raising funds for SSAFA.

This will be our first rally, so we are really looking forward to a whole new experience.

We don't have direct links with the Armed Forces, but do have a cousin who is serving and family friends who's children are starting their careers.

The work that SSAFA do for service personnel, Veterans and their families is tremendous and we are proud to support this very worthy cause. 

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Moody View.jpg

AMG 63 Mercedes

My name is Hans Kaashoek and my passenger is Sjaak van Klaveren, we are both born in Holland and moved to Devizes about 32 and 36 years ago.
This will be my 2nd RFH rally as I did 2016 with Doug as my passenger.
I'm planning on taking the Ariel Atom again this year as it has proved such an awesome tool for the European roads although it is very basic on comfort options, but we are both bikers.....
Let's hope the weather is kind to us again, let's have some fun and raise some money for SSAFA again.

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Ariel Atom

John Hannan - Team WRC

Hi, thanks for visiting our page. We are taking part in the Rally for Heroes 2018 European tour raising funds for SSAFA the armed forces charity which helps injured servicemen and their families from the Army,the Navy and the Airforce.

We will be taking the Subaru WRC replica which becomes part of a team of 50 cars on this epic tour which sees us go through 10 countries in just 10 days on some of Europe's best driving roads this time the destination will be Bosnia.

Every penny donated goes straight to SSAFA all funding/costs are met by ourselves.


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Subaru Impreza WRC

David Fry - Bee Cool Performance

The Rally For Heroes is 100% a Charity Rally, with all funds going to the Armed Forces Charity, SSAFA. Having applied for a Place on Rally For Heroes in 2016, 2017, and 2018 and always been unsuccessful, we were thrilled to be contacted in March 2018 and offered a cancellation place. So this is our first time entering in the Rally For Heroes, and we hope to be able

We have so much admiration for SSAFA and everything they do to help the forces family, as one of the UK’s longest serving military charities, Rally For Heroes have chosen SSAFA as our forces charity for 2018.

SSAFA believes that the commitment of our Forces and their families deserves our lifelong support. So they provide practical, emotional and financial support to anyone who is serving or has ever served in Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force, and their families.

Whenever our Forces need them, SSAFA will do whatever they can to help. They’ve been doing that since 1885, through two World Wars and through every conflict since. But SSAFA can only do that with the help of people who support them.

In this Rally every 5 miles of the Rally represents the life of a serviceman or woman who has fallen in combat since the start of the Afghanistan conflict. This is especially important for SSAFA, as they provide specialist support to hundreds of bereaved and injured service families affected by recent conflicts, including Afghanistan.

Our route will take us through 10 Countries in 10 days, we would like to be able to raise £1 for every mile we complete, and are aiming at £3000. Our journey will take us through England, France, Switzerland. Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Germany, Luxembourg, before returning back to the UK.

We think that the only way to complete this rally is in something as typically British as a Bentley!

We hope that you will support us in supporting this wonderful cause and our British Armed Forces Charities.

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Bentley Continental GT

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