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Team Kilo

Cheryl and Baz


We have been asked to head up Team Kilo this year , this is our second time with RFH and the first time was 2016 OMG what an adventure. It exceeded all of our expectations. We had an amazing time and made some new friends and have become a big part of the RFH family. So much so that i am now Corporate Liaison for the RFH and an determined to make this bigger and better. 

We took our Limited edition Subaru Impretza P1 it is number 14 of the first 500 built and was the display car at Earls court in 2000.

The reason for us being so involved is that we have forces connections and its our way of giving something back.

We have a great team this year and we are all so excited.

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Subaru Impretza P1

Edward Neville (aka Hawkeye) and I (Martin Smith aka Painless) have been friends since the early 70s when we were in the 6th form together in Ipswich. For those fans of a certain film and subsequent TV series you can probably work out what we have been doing in our working lives for the last 40 odd years! I invited Ned to join me as my 'Co-Driver' in this year's event after I had such a great experience taking part in the 2014 rally in another friend's old red Mercedes C230K Sport. Driving the 15 year old car around Europe was a very enjoyable and comfortable experience so, after that, I decided that I needed my own Mercedes ’hobby’ car but possibly with a bit more poke! About a month later I became the proud owner of a rather rare 1997 C36 AMG which, although not quite so comfortable in the suspension department, does at least shift away from the lights considerably quicker! We are both very excited about the forthcoming rally which we know will be another unforgettable experience. Not only because of the chance to drive all those marvellous roads and visit some amazing places but because we can be part of the RFH family raising another, hopefully, very large sum of money for the very deserving charity SSAFA.

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Mercedes C36 AMG

Drivers: Henry Henshall and Ben Donaldson

The two youngest drivers on this year’s Rally for Heroes, Ben and Henry are University Students who have been good friends since starting at Malvern College in 2009 and both from Military backgrounds. Their ‘wagon’ for the Rally is a Jaguar F-Type SVR, which has a Supercharged 5.0 Litre V8 producing 567bhp and 516lb ft of torque. Interesting facts: Ben - loves Salad Cream on toast and has his Skydiving A Licence. Henry - competes in the British Nationals for Underwater Hockey and is fluent in Finnish.

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Jaguar F-Type SVR

We are Luke Kemp and Nicole Moore. We will be taking are  BMW M3 E46 on the rally in 2018. This rally will be Lukes 2nd and Nicole’s 1st. We are excited to see all the amazing countries and meeting everyone that is going on this years rally. 

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BMW M3 E46

Drivers: Carina Southward and Justin Allen

Despite this being our first ever Rally, we have some experience of living and driving abroad between us so hopefully we won’t drive on the wrong side of the road too often. Carina works in finance and Justin is a former Army officer and current Reservist who helps select future Army Officers, but his main job is now as a freelance Project Manager. Carina is originally from Beckenham, Kent and Justin from Bath - they currently live in Camberley in Surrey, just out of range of the noise from the M3.

We will be in a blue Aston Martin V8 Vantage, with around 450 BHP of British engineering waiting to be let loose (when Carina isn’t watching) around the roads of Western Europe. We are in the Rally by total accident after bumping into the Rally For Heroes team at a the Car Do in Farnham back in 2017.  The next day we were signed up for the big adventure! 

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Aston Martin V8 Vantage

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