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Team Mike

To introduce myself and the fantastic members of 'Team Mike' for the 2018 Rally for Heroes.


Jonny and Nicole

Jim and Richard

John and Nigel

And Myself Mike

(My wingman still to be named)


I have had the pleasure of participating in two of the Rallies in 2012 and 2016, and fund raising for 2014, the previous rallies I was accompanied

by my son Matthew, who unfortunately will not be my wing man this year.

He has now been given more responsibility in the running of our company, and time for both away this year is not an option.

This year will be even better with 10 Countries in 10 days, looking at the journey ahead the scenery will be even more breath taking.

Fund raising for SSAFA has been a very rewarding and its justification as being the oldest charity for our armed service men and women.

As part of the Rally for Heroes family "possibly one of the more senior participating members" age has no boundaries as the mind very active for the fund raising and competiveness.

Although I have never had the privilege of being part of our National Services, I have many friends past and present that have served our Country, and this is what drives me to achieve the funds they deserve.

To any person that reads this may think its a jolly for the Boy's and Girl's', it is ,but also very demanding as this year again we will be traveling in access of 3000 miles,

based on 5 miles for every Service person that sacrificed their lives during the conflict in Afghanistan.

So PLEASE donate with your heart followed by your wallet.

Thanking you all in advance for your support of myself and Team Mike, and not forgetting 'Roary Junior'  follow his antics on his face book page The adventures of Roary Jnr a SSAFA mascot.

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TVR Chimera

John Hannan returning after the last epic Rally for more excitement and thrills.Nigel Holmwood will be my 𝐜𝐨-driver and is new to all of this,but looks forward to a great adventure.the pair of us both drive lorries in the asphalt industry and Nigel is more than a dab hand on the tools,with a few of his own restoration projects on the go.

We will be in the Team Subaru

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Subaru WRC Replica

Jonathan Marshall / Nicole Wall


We were introduced to the idea when we met Mick Clark as we are based right in the north east of England, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 


Nicole and I are a hardworking young couple (23 and 26 respectively) who are currently in the process of buying out a franchised branch of “The Wheel Specialist.” This can sometimes cause issues with holidays and fundraising events as it is very difficult for us both to take time off together when we are such a small team as we only have 5 other staff. That said, we do still manage as long as we have plenty of notice.


Although neither of us are in the Armed Forces, Nicole has family in the Forces and my father was in the RAF for over 25 years who worked his was up to a Flight Sergeant. I always wanted to follow in his footsteps and work on aircraft in the RAF but was hindered by my colourblindness. I then studied my BA Hons in Aerospace Engineering at Newcastle University while working part time at The Wheel Specialist Newcastle to find my education, before deciding to pursue the prospect of my own business in the form of The Wheel Specialist franchise. 


Nicole has a background in the NHS and as a dietitian, and we met a few years ago through our mutual love of cars. Six months ago we took the decision to start working together at The Wheel Specialist (Teesside) in order to create a successful business together. A huge career change for Nicole, and plenty more stress as she now has to put up with me all the time!! 


We both enjoy working, which takes up the majority of our life. But when we do get some down time we tend to travel, drive or go away as much as possible. In the last year we have been to Germany including the Nurburgring ring, Denmark, Czech Republic, Malta, Gozo and just recently Tenerife where we enjoy seeing as much as we can while trying to submerse ourselves in the local culture as much as possible. 


So far I have applied for the stickers for the car as well as the polo shirts but I yet to receive them. I require either black or silver stickers for my E46 BMW M3 which I assume will come under the category of a medium sized car. As for the polos - I would need a small for Nicole and a large for myself. 


I’ve also attached a picture of my recently acquired E46 M3, which although is meant to be kept as a low mileage investment, also has to be exploited for such an occasion like RFH!!

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Driver: Jim Morrison

Co Driver: Richard Kellaway


Picture of Car (or something very like that one) attached.


I am the Head of Community Fundraising for SSAFA, and as such, I am here for anyone who wants to know how SSAFA cares for our servicemen, women and their families.  I joined SSAFA 7 years ago and the Rally was one of the first major projects that I took on.  It has been my privilege to support this amazing community. 


The Rally is much more than an event that happens once every two years; it is a group of supportive like minded good people, it is a powerful force for fundraising and awareness and it is a family that cares and occasionally takes the mick out of each other.


Rich and I will be driving the SSAFA Wagon across Europe with you, diligently following the burnt rubber marks and settling dust in the distance.

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Toyota (Hybrid)

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