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Day 2 – Brussels to Nurburgring to Basel

Brussels to Nurburgring to Basel.

Well the day started bright and early with a Team Brief at 7.45am to let everyone know the forth-coming plans for the day.

Teams started to depart at approx. 8.30am head towards the first stop off point (Nurburgring) this was intended to be the main lunch stop for the day and a bit of sight-seeing for those who have never venture to the Ring before.

Unfortunately two teams were delayed at the start due to electrical issues, one being a fault with head lights and another not having working Brake lights, but yet again the amazing AA crew came to the rescue and solved both issues.

Once the rear party RFH Support and AA eventually arrived at the Ring they found still a considerable amount of participants enjoying their time at the Ring and partaking in a little lunch.

Also there were a few casualties again on the car-park and the guys in Yellow sorted the minor issues out.

Part 2 of the day commenced with then the long haul down to Basel.

Little Clips then decided this was an ideal opportunity to try the TOP GEAR Style of filming from the rear area of the Land Rover Discovery, once strapped in the filming commenced and this footage hopefully will be seen in the forthcoming RFH2016 DVD (Marti looking relaxed in the back)

The Autobahn then welcomed the speed freaks to release some of the pent-up adrenaline and away they went off to the hotel.

Arrival at the hotel started at around 5.30pm, rest and relaxation commenced, bring on Day 3

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