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Dave’s New Motor

From the directors and all the a RFH family a big thanks to everyone that bought tickets for our MG, the winner was Mr David Moody from Bournemouth who also celebrated his 70th birthday the day after receiving the car, a nice birthday present to have! Thank you to everyone for supporting SSAFA and keep your eyes out for another draw we'll no doubt be running for next year's event! Images of Rally for Heroes at Highclere Castle

this week - the occasion was for the draw of the winning ticket for the SSAFA Hampshire Raffle Car. This week should have seen the Rally for Heroes Family set off on their European Rally, now postponed to 2021. The team raised nearly £9,000 in raffle ticket funds despite no events taking place these last few months. What makes this total even more astounding is that tickets were £2 each - selling 4,500 tickets sold is absolutely amazing!

The Raffle Winner is @Dave Moody (L, first image) from Bournemouth, who was presented with the keys to the car by David Kelsey one of the Rally for Heroes leading lights. It just so happens that Dave is 70 tomorrow (Saturday) - we all hope you like your early present Dave! The winning ticket bought at the Bournemouth Airshow in September 2019

Mahoosive shout out to all the Rally for Heroes Family, Lord and Lady Carnarvon and the Highclere Team for kindly hosting and making the draw possible, and to General Sir Andrew Gregory for making the time to attend and thank the Rally for Heroes family for all they do for SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity

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