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Dias Dos NEC

Autosport Show the return. Crikey the after effects of our curry bonding were in evidence this morning with strange noises and odours in the atmosphere.Tea,Coffee and Choccy Cake confirmed for 11.00 hours and not a Dave K to be seen yum yum. Cake consumed and no Dave,we didn’t save you a slice.Back to the task in hand and raising money for SSAFA by accosting the public to buy a £2.0 raffle ticket to win an MG car. Jon Jo and the “Silver Machine”were popular with many groats dropping in there bucket, the Adventador is such a magnet sometimes wish we could start the cars up. Gotta feel for Benn some low life has had it away with his knob, tut tut you smutty lot someone has pinched his gear stick knob which could make for an uncomfortable drive home. Stig arrested for misuse of a Police vehicle but released without charge.No knowledge of how much raised this weekend but it’s a certainty that SSAFA will benefit. By the end of day 2, most people’s feet and legs were in bits and tiredness was starting to show but we always come back for more. Thanks to everyone that came helped and made the weekend a success, see you at the next event. 

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