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Collins Aerospace Car Raffle Car Draw

Grand Car Raffle Draw Day

On the day that we should have been in Dover starting the RFH Final Run adventure 2020. Twenty liveried cars and there participants met at a prestigious location. In the year that has been decimated by Covid 19 rules is rules and the Collins Aerospace Rally Raffle Car had to be drawn and won. The car an MG Explore kindly donated by the Hampshire Branch of SSAFA and the efforts of L Ashbridge and the rally families M Westaway and D Kelsey. The venue for the draw was Highclere Castle yep better known as Downton Abbey but we were forbidden from parking on the lawn. The booming voice of Commander Shaw rang out as the rally vehicles parked up in a pyramid, socially distanced of course with the Rally car at the top. Considering the damage done by Covid - 19 this has been an immense challenge with over £8000 of tickets being sold and bodes well for the future. Chairman of SSAFA Sir Andy Gregory gave a speech thanking the RFH team for there phenomenal support with over £440000 already donated and more to come before next years event. The prize draw being drawn by Lord Carnarvon the 8th Earl of Carnarvon. Picked from a rather large barrel the rally car had been won by a David Moody from Bournemouth, no relation to our own Graham and Joel. The winning ticket being bought in September 2019 at the Bournemouth Airshow. Benn had the task of phoning the winner who appeared to be rather happy with the news as was Benn who wasn’t told to “Do One”. For some of the Rally family present today this being the first time they had met up at any event in 8 months. If all else fails just remember “ We’ll Meet Again don’t nowhere don’t nowhere when “ some sunny day.

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