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Day 4 – Turin to Monaco

Turin to Monaco

What an amazing morning, woke up to a clear blue sky and temperatures already exceeding 25°. First stop for everyone was onto the roof of the old Fiat factory here in Turin, the Long walk up the spiral ramp lead us onto the test track roof where we found the amazing sight of a heli pad with a clear glass dome. This was the iconic track used in the Italian Job during the Minis car chase. The morning briefing was then held in the bright sun of Turin everyone then had a photo call with a little clips using their drone helicopter.

Onto the hotel car park if we can room ready for the departure unfortunately a few cars from the previous day that had done the hills and the grand Saint Bernard plus had a few issues with either gearboxes or breaks.

The day then commenced with either two routes, one over the Italian hills, or one down the coastal road down the autostrada.

We decided along with a few more teams to take the Autostrada, the views were also stunning and allowed us to arrive at a sensible time the other teams went over the Hills and down into Monaco.

Everyone then arrived safely at the hotel and were welcomed by some stunning views from the hotel balconies. Once refreshed the night then commenced with a function in the private room at Stars and Bars overlooking the Marina and Entertainment from none other than JK!

More to follow shortly…

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