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Wessex Truck Show (Day 1)

Keep on Trucking

After a nightmare 4 hour journey we got to Yeovil. Meeting up at the PI we formed our convoy, Table Checker Steve, Duracell Cheryl, Dave the Cake, Juicy Lucy Stang and  Truck Supermarket Jim we rolled into Truckfest. 

Well we crashed the gate doing 8 let them truckers roll.

Just after 09.00 hours we were joined by the bosses wife as she popped her fund raising cherry welcome Claire to RFH fundraising and yes we were gentle with her. 

There was a steady stream of people passing the stand and some sheckles were deposited in the buckets. 

The mayor made an appearance and received an audition with SSAFA Jim. 

Roary braved the grey skies but seems to have lost quite a few kilos somebody needs to feed him Mr Tips a juicy antelope steak should suffice. Stuart went rogue as he is now a police car in disguise, Cruising The streets of Yeovil doesn't have the same ring to it as San Fransisco. Crikey the sun came out near the end of the day. 

A local man won the raffle of the Spitfire Book and picture. We returned to the PI by the most direct route rather the scenic employed this morning.

Over £220 was rescued from our public supporters.Check back for tomorrow's instalment. 

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