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Wessex Truck Show (Day 2)

Keep on Trucking Day 2 This has been a first for RFH a Truckfest fancy bringing a ladder to clean the parts you can't reach. Big wheels keep on turning Sweet Home Alamabama well Yeovil.

Day 2 dawns on the ground by 8.30 ish we have lost Dave the Cake (who ate himself) he he but we are joined by Lambo Hans so that should be a crowd puller.

Claire brought Splat The Slug to the party, our participants really come up with great ideas,and it soon became popular with younger visitors. Roary the friendly Lion returned and tried to befriend an Alsatian who had other ideas and promptly sunk his teeth into Roaries hand ouch!

Someone asked if it was a stick shift auto Aston I think they felt a bit silly whe I told them it was banana and my wife's lunch. 

Busy morning a bit of corporate networking with Scania and a good result forthcoming. Crikey some of these truckers OCD is manic they use the cleaning products by the shed load even more than our James. 

A young local lad won the Rory Underwood signed rugby ball which was the days raffle the end of the day the scores on the doors was over £275 so for the whole weekend over £500 was raised for SSAFA. 

A great weekend and thanks to all that helped with out you we can't run these events. 

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