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Wings and Wheels Day 1

Wow has it really been 5 years since our triumphant return from the first £120000 rally. Sadly we have lost Bill for this one which is a bit like bacon n eggs without the eggs, but as Arnie says He will be back! Ain't no mountain high enough to keep him from us. Apparently there is a indicator graveyard on the A303 as that's where Marks has gone, all sorted now and they WORK ! alledgely. Roary nearly missed the Mascot parade and was seen chasing the truck trying to put his paws on but he made it phew. Due to Defense cuts is this Britains new aircraft carrier or Bills baby Brookie. Hutch met us for breakfast disappeared and returned at W n W in a Sunbeam Lotus in Moonstone Blue luvly We completed a drive by but no runway dashes H & S have dug there heels in. We had a visit from the fake Stig he was worse than a nine bob note. Hey someone has nicked your car boss or are they just common as muck. Man down Man down Mr K managed to kip through the Typhoon display it is easy really having managed it myself at RIAT in the past apparently it was talking bubbles that woke him up.Last up were the Arrows how can you never tire of seeing they are just awesome. No idea on how many Groats we grossed but am sure Mark will be along to tell us. Check back for tomoz's episode. 

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