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Wing N Wheels Day 2

After courageously battling the relentless sunshine we returned to our stage. On route we hoovered up Car 41 and as if by magic on arrival at Dunsfold there were 9, 41 numbered cars and a van funnily enough we all got the same hand gesture. We got sunshine and it's not a cloudy day. Wendy produced the Lemons we scrounged from the Premier Inn. After dropping them in water filled buckets she invited people to balance coins on them.

Roary was in plenty of time for the mascot parade and no dramas to report and he certainly made an impact on the long walk back to the pitch. 

Much busier than yesterday with Natalia painting little ones faces and coming up on the rails was slug splatting a late charge on the inside from the fly catcher (Mark) but he fell at the final fence to the talking bubbles. Wendy's lemons were nowhere to be seen.

Car 32 TR6 from 2012 dropped by and showed interested in the "The Car Do" and possibly 2018 so that's a positive.

By 14.00 hrs we had sold out of our liquid gold which was a shame as the sunshine was even hotter than yesterday. Flamingo legs Luke took precautions with the factor 30 but im not convinced as I only ever saw him with a cloth and detailing spray mind you his legs did shine, he he.Cool down for a pound plant your plates in cold gold. Boys will be boys and as we descended into a farce as Mr K had a water fight with Wendy and Nicole you can guess who was victorious. 

A quick tally up and roughly 350 groats were deposited in the buckets so for the weekend over 600 groats was amassed for SSAFA. 

Until next time or the Car Do, keep on reading. 

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