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Rally for Heroes - The Car Do

Ladies and Gentlemen,

One of our events is coming up soon, Rally For Heroes Presents The Car Do on Saturday 23rd September at 10am Please come and support Rally for Heroes and SSAFA. Stuart Stinson is organising an event with the full support of Rally for Heroes. This is an event entirely for us and so all proceeds will go to ssafa. As a consequence, we will benefit more directly from putting our efforts behind this event in order to ensure that it is productive, attractive and a huge amount of fun. We will be conducting Miles for Smiles amongst a host of other things and we have a great deal of land surrounding the Duke of Cambridge pub in Tilford.  It will have plenty of automotive elements: Supercars (the Supercar Lawn), Dealerships, 4x4s, Bikes, campers, Miles for Smiles, Car Clubs and some retail elements. There will also be stuff to do for the kids to make this family friendly. There will be a BBQ through the pub and there will also be live music. So please give this as much support as you can muster. 

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