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News News News How ya like it more more more! This is hot stuff so I have gotta tell you all. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Directors are delighted to report that the AA is coming back on board for Rally for Heroes 2018. Our adventure is unique in attracting such support from the 'Fourth Emergency Service' to this extent and we are hugely grateful for the support they have provided since 2012. The team will be led once again by Andy Mcmorran who is a Rally veteran bordering on legendendary status in view of the lengths he will go to keep our participants rolling. It really is tremendous to have them with us again.😎 Some of the feats these guys have pulled off changing wheel bearings,water pumps, timing belt tensioners,filing down the wrong brake pads to fit so the participants could carry on and the crowning glory from 2012 turning a Twin Turbo Supra to normally aspirated due to a blown turbo. They really are an integral part of RFH and the rally family so thanks guys. In other news the Gentlemans GT has grabbed a new whistle n flute not a complete pin stripe but there are a couple. The Sponsor being the well respected UTC Aerospace Systems the vehicle has been well received. The final pieces for the DSEI jigsaw are slotting into place and and we are hoping for a fantastic show with 2 Rally vehicles taking centre stage. Expect updates from next weeks DSEI show.

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