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A Day At The Races Meeting at an unloved Services we galloped into Chepstow. Cars all fettled and tacked up to support the SSAFA race day.Deranged arrived with Jason sporting a rather tidy pony tail.Our Cheryl, our very talkative corporate liaison person worked her magic and has some firm leads to follow up.Thruxton Motor Circuit kindly donated a Ferrari experience which raised in excess of £280 for RFH.It was won by Victoria Knight from Fujitsu who was more than happy.The SSAFA raffle came in at just over a bag of sand rhyming slang for £1000.Deranged Jason bought a flying experience in the raffle so I suppose they will be modifying planes next lol.So the auction was a success with another bag of sand in the wheelbarrow. All in all a great day raising money for SSAFA and RFH.Thanks to SSAFA Jim for the invite and the day. 

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