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Norton House Shindig

Norton House Shindig The Rally family Guvnors convened at Norton House Epsom.Hello good morning and welcome followed. Straight down to business and the boring stuff risk assessment. 

Onto the Fun stuff the route is outlined in detail to us. The Launch will be sensational but my lips are sealed. Garmins explained that didn’t last long. no change there then. SOP’s explained for radio etiquette and convoying. Adjourning back to the Hotel for the most important event The Calcutta Cup which wasn’t a great result for most of us. Sunday morning dawned and old and new participants arrived. The fact that the Launch would be from Horse Guards Parade was rather well received. A truly inspirational and moving account of the Battle of Danny Boy told by Brian Wood MC was again well received and the RFH family wishes him all the best for the future.

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