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Challenger II Tank Photoshoot

Because RFH is rather special! we get invited to some rather cool places most of them secure military bases. Today’s is no exception can’t tell you where as that’s a secret. Needless to say having pictures taken with Big Boys/Girls Toys. Yep the British Armies MBT the Challenger Tank. Corporate Cars had there selfies done with the Challengers and Nick Williams managed a few snap shots. The Red White and Blue Astons was a good shout.Then out of nowhere all these Old Nags, Mustang Sallies appeared I’m sure Benn is breeding them in a lock up somewhere.Stuart went for doughnuts so that’s rear tyres on his shopping list then. Just about to turn out the lights when Hutch appeared late for the party but he did bring the Caterham and not the Yeti phew that was close. Our thanks go to Connor and Craig for giving up there Saturday to host us cheers guys.What an awesome bit of kit Challenger 2 is. Battle ready they weigh in at over 85 tons has 2 engines and will do around 60 kmph all with a 120mm self levelling gun and a crew of 4.

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