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Tesco RFH Easter Bunnies

Havant we been here before? On a cold wet Good Friday the intrepid RFH troops led by Mike (The Godfather) Westaway dropped into Tesco's Havant. Tesco's issued Mike an offer he couldn't refuse, fundraising for SSAFA over the Easter Bank Holiday. Joined by Dave (is there any cake) Kelsey and rally family member Eric Appleby. 

The day was reasonable but the weather put paid to any fundraising records being smashed.Deja Vu Saturday with the weather not playing ball. Different team players were present and a special guest due to appear. The sound of coins hitting the bottom of buckets could be heard as could the sound of popping balloons. Seems that an awful lot of younger fans like 99 Red balloons going by. Roary Lion flew in from the Serengeti and revelled in meeting his new public a welcome boost to our efforts. Appropreately he joined forces with Roary junior and took him in his paw. Sadly he departed due to frostbite in his paws. Terrific banter and interaction with the public made the day enjoyable. Many Thanks must go to the Tesco community team and Mike Westaway for organising a good weekend.

As Brucie would say "The scores on the doors are".Friday £755.25p Saturday £830.86p so the winner is SSAFA! 

Weekend Total £1586.11p 

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