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Every Little Helps (ding ding)

Every Little Helps Up with the birds making rude noises. Another Tesco another town this time Dorchester again with Mike ( The Godfather) Westaway. I think we must be Tesco Groupies. Joined by Dave ( no cake ) and the Bosses better half Claire. We covered every exit but still some people managed to evade our intrepid fundraisers. The BFL appeared not sure what he has been up to but he seems to have a different physique every time he is spotted. Slow and steady became our motto just can’t seem to order the sunshine, yep still raining. Roary junior went ballooning until Uncle Mike rescued him.Big thanks to the Tesco Community Champion and all staff for hosting us and of course Mike Westaway for his organising prowess.The important numbers will be along after Mike has had a beer.Total for the weekend £1006.47.  Next !!!!!! 

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