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The Mega Weekend

The Mega Weekend Busy busy busy it’s one of them weekends for the RFH troops. Oop Norrf Mackem Micks Mob have a stand at the Astonworkshop. Mike the (Godfather) Westaway has targeted ASDA for his next supermarket sweep let’s hope he cleans up. The indomitable Peter Brown after securing a spot at Tesco Andover is hoping to beat the total at ASDA Eastleigh,but the only winner will be SSAFA. A chilly North East wind cursed us it’s always cold Oop eer apparently summer is here. We raised over £200 so not to be sneezed at.3 Aston’s paid their respect to Tommy.Jonny n Nichol’s drive out raffle raised another £200. Asda for the Godfather Mob and a very badly behaved Roary they cleaned up with another £1436 in the SSAFA bin. Last but not least Peter Brown who with his first supermarket fundraiser did remarkably well aided by mans best friend with £1100 added to the SSAFA pot. Stop Press the Island Mob were fundraising at Morrison’s but no details submitted. The carrier pigeon has just landed with the details £202.94 raised.Thanks to all the Stores,Staff and Rally family for this weekends efforts.Total for the weekend just shy of £3000 deposited in the SSAFA bin. 

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