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News Flash

News Flash Some important news has been arriving here at RFH headquarters.First up Mike "The Godfather" Westaway had another resounding success at Tesco's in Tidworth with over £1000 deposited in his buckets over the weekend 12/13 May. For participants the big news is that "The AA" are back with us again for there 4th rally. This is fantastic news because if anything does go Pete Tong everyone will be attended too.The directors are over the moon with this as RFH is the only event the AA now cover. Our resident Sir William Maclean and her Ladyship Pamela have been spreading the RFH word.On tour in Scottyland they have been to many of the fashionable places. They enticed Roary junior away from his mentor and gave him a holiday he won't forget. Culminating today with a trip to Holyrood House and the Scottish Parliament where Scotland's First Minister Nichola Sturgeon had the honour of meeting Roary Junior. Big thanks to The AA, Mike and all the Tesco staff and of course Sir Wills and Lady Pam. 

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