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Coffee Tea and Bacon Baps started the day the day off,with the troops massing in Denham. A short drive and convoy to the event, a small queue to enter and the 41 mustang decided to limbo under the tape to change lanes super Stuart!!! All set up whose bright idea to put a football match and a tennis final on the day of our fundraiser.Being a schorcher the water flooded off the stand with money flowing back in return. The Area Commander of the Rotary Club dropped by and an hour or so she returned to inform Paul that his V12 S had been selected to Parade in the arena as he was awarded Spectator Car of the show, so well done Paul. Gee Whizz it sure was a hot hot hot one and most people spent time in the shade. Ye olde water trick worked and we amassed funds of £518.35p with SSAFA being the beneficiary. Thanks to everyone that turned up and helped out. 

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