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Xscape to the Norff

Expecting a walled city with checkpoints and Norfern peeps we happened upon a Leisure Complex. We found the cars but no rallyist’s all having a bit of brekkie so we joined in. None to shabby a garage with 3 Germans, a Brit and an Italian,as usual the Germans nabbed the deck chairs.Not quite the Serengetti but Roary was caught napping before entertaining his young public.Stiggy dropped by and was also caught napping in a deck chair,and to cap it all a certain lady turned up after being invited coz she was in the area Chezza. Stiggy zoomed down the snow slope without an engine in sight. Roary came face to face with a dinosaur and no it wasn’t Bill or Stevejay.Money flowed into the buckets with many peoples hopes and dreams fulfilled by just sitting in the cars. The ultimate winner being SSAFA with over £1000 being donated today. Big thanks go to Xscape for hosting us and there £500 donation. Gravity, Snozone and finally Dominic for a cracking location. Don’t forget folks see you at the Launch 12 days and counting. 

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