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Launch Day - Day 1

Launch Day Defineately an early start whose idea was that?Ignition systems on keys turned and start buttons pushed RallyforHeroes 2018 is Go Go Go!!! There are no expletives left in the English language too describe this years launch. Memorial service ticked off and all vehicles and participants blessed with good fortune, readings from Chloe Tipler and Super Market Mike Westaway. A presentation to a young Jamie for raising over £5000.00 for SAFFA from Major General Gaunt, who then announced the one everybody wanted to know, what was the total raised? an incredible £130,000. My oh my there we’re there some stunned faces.Where did all those pennies come from? It knocked the 2016 total out of the Directors hats.Formed up in 3 rows we proceeded down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace I’m sure her Majesty was peeking round the curtains to see what all the fuss was about, she didn’t spot Sir Wills which was a plus point.A memory that every driver will remember forever.Next stop Dover the ferry and then mainland Europe,the adventure begins.coming ashore we head to our first overnight stop at Reims 

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