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Reims 2 Zurich

Day Two With the sound of champagne corks still popping after yesterday’s stunning total well we are at the home of Taittinger Champers Reims a  stunning city. .Another early start for a sunrise on a race track probably the oldest in Europe and steeped in automobile history.Off to the land of cuckoo clocks yodellers,triangular chocolate and mountain passes woohoo.Leading team Lima I got lost Garmined again and had a cross county adventure but we were reunited after an hour or so, so all is tickety boo. Melissa dipped her toes into the cyber world of air dropping photos but didn’t to have much success and now has a new friend hmmmm. We had a teeny weeny taster of the twistie’s with fun in the mountains still to come which the newbies will love.Bit of an uneventful day really more of a shakedown lesson to polish our radio etiquette.Tram ride into Zürich and a chance to grab a bite to eat and a relaxing beer. 

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