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Twist and Shout

Day 3 Briefing and Brekkie done and dusted. Come on take us to your passes let us at em. Perfect weather sunnies on and The Brat Pack on the sound system.The noise from all the various engine sizes and configurations was intoxicating and reverberated off the sides of the passes. Sustenpass, Grimsel are swallowed up and ejected out of our exhaust systems wonder if they are classed as zero emissions. Coming down the Grimsel the 2 UTC cars encountered a rather large sight seeing vehicle on a hairpin bend I know Wendy and I shut our eyes and I have a sneaky feelingJim and Sarah did also squeaky bum time as the rock face moved towards us.Lunch stop then our last pass The Neufen. Time to hit the normal roads on the run down to Lake Como and the Gelato shop. Then up pops a little gem tight narrow and very steep definitely challenging on the ascent but not so steep on the descent. By now our sat nav had thrown its routes out of the car and refused to display info and just kept going to sleep. Down to walking pace along the Como shore we never reached the Gelato shop so took the decision to head for the hotel and scoops to the Cornetto. A long challenging day but boy it was worth it. 

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