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Day 6

After a fantastic evening dining and soaking up the atmosphere of old town Split, today is the serious side of the rally. Met at the Bosnian border by the Diplomatic Protection Squad and then a 60 vehicle convoy to Mostar. Through red lights,blocked roundabouts,junctions our own lane at the toll booths we feel like royalty. They even have a band as we park the vehicles. Sadly the orphanage children did not come to meet us due to the unusually high air temperature but our shoe boxes were delivered, that should put some smiles on their faces. A stark contrast between the new buildings and the shell and small arms, battle damaged ones very thought provoking. Lunch preceded a tour of Mostar and the World Heritage sight bridge which has been rebuilt after the troubles. Leaving Mostar the 2 Mile long snake reforms and meanders its way towards Sarajevo, all the way we are escorted, certainly is a great feeling when passing through villages all the residents are out waving and filming the cars.Sniper Alley is pointed out to us as we follow the river which was the dividing line between the warring factions. The City is steeped in history the outbreak of WW1 started here.Torvill and Dean won Olympic Gold here 34 years ago! Parked up outside the main shopping mall,Rallyforheroes videos playing on a big screen,another band playing English tunes, they really have taken the RFH brand to there hearts. On display for a couple of hours before we head off to the hotel for the night. Our thanks go to the Police and people of Bosnia and the British ambassador. 

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