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Barmy in the Balkans

Day 7 Not sure about going loco in Acapulco but the Bosnians are going barmy in the Balkans for us. Nothing is too much trouble. A memorial service is held in the British Ambassador residence.59 British Service personal paid the ultimate price during the troubles, this being part of the reason we are here.We hope this is closure for the members that served here during the troubles. The 2 mile snake reforms as we are again escorted to the border same MO as yesterday ain’t no stopping us now. Xmas came early for the petrol station as all cars brimmed there tanks. Crossing the border we have returned to Croatia where we pick up another Police escort. Timings have slipped due to processing so many vehicles at borders and keeping everyone on the straight and narrow. We make it to the main square where we are met by the British Ambassador and his family and the locals who love the cars.We we weren’t expected due to the delays but they were over the moon that we rolled up. The ambassadors son had a dream ride in the Aston while the Belgian ambassadors son hopped into No 41 the mighty mussie. Getting late the time came to withdraw to the hotel. Loved every minute of the day but boy it’s tiring driving in a 60 car Convoy. 

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