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Speed Demon Day

Day 9 Benn received an email from the Slovenian police complementing our courtesy and driving behaviour while travelling through there country so sonething to be proud of.Munchen to Luxembourg boo!!!! mucho miles to gobble up.But! there is always a BUT a large proportion is on derestricted Autobahns hurrah!!! Strange whining noises are heard from the female speed limiters mainly “I wish you would slow down”. The first 60 Miles are blighted by rain,traffic and roadworks. We power on the weather improves so it’s looking good. Km after Km its relentless. We abandon the route due to delays and stumble upon a 10 to 15 Mile twistie that breaks the monotony. Returning to route there is a chance to play and Bahnstorming.The UTC M4 topped the charts with 1 very happy driver. It would be wrong to publish the exact figures.The ladies that drove were impressive with some notable firsts. Arriving in Luxembourg at a respectable time we venture into the city to revisit the square we parked up in 2014. PS it’s still there ha ha. 

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