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Day10 Part 2

Having A Ball 

After the euphoria of finishing the event it became time to Partaay. Gentlemen all suited and booted and the ladies looking stunning, hair done, make up done and posh frocks on.Aperitif’s in the bar followed by dinner. Captain Foghorn stood up time for the “Rallies”. Total raised so far is north of £133 K and still climbing. Top fundraiser Mike the “Godfather” Westaway with over £7 k Paul Spencer and Jim Pawson completed the top 3. Over 20 teams have doubled the required £1500. Spirit of the Rally award went to a couple this year Stevejay and Wendy. Turns out they had been everywhere man fundraising. Various other awards followed with recognition to Chezza Mark n Melissa the AA guys. The Slack Bladder trophy passed from Luke to Blair. Last award straight ahead to Benn,the Left and Right follow me Trophy. Finally thanks to Team Deranged for the event sponsorship, and to all corporates all participants and Mick Benn and Steve.

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