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W n W 2018 part 1

Our last big fundraiser of the 2018 campaign Boo Hoo, But at least we get to catch up with the Rally peeps and reminisce our past adventures.After brekkie a certain jock started to utter those immortal words “Welcome To Rally” he was soon shouted down and told where to go. Convoying to Dunsfold we had the services of the BPS as Barry and his van blocked the road so we could stay together.Situated by the Kidz Zone donations were reasonable and the children amongst us received there enjoyment you know who are.One of the Scoobies had a do you want a ride in my car moment as a fan jumped in and went on the parade run for a reasonable donation anything to get more pennies for SSAFA. The Arrows appeared and another faultless display as usual.Met a lady and her 2 boys who while returning from there holiday in Germany was passed by a large number of rally vehicles.Apparently her son googled RFH and now follows us on Instagram all were thrilled to see the cars static. Allegedly someone ate a rather tasty chicken Goujon starter can’t think who that was STEVE! Pennies counted and £440 slid into our receptacles. Day 2 tomoz if the rain gods stay away 

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