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The Final Day

        Wings n Wheels The Last Ever A sad day as we attend the Final Wings n Wheels at Dunsfold. Gazebo’s set and guess what the heavens opened and deluged us with the wet stuff no change there then. As if by magic the huge Yellow object appeared in sky and brightened our spirits. Being the rally family we even managed to help and complete our youngsters homework. We all know Bill (grrrrr) But now to be known as Bubble O Bill on account that he spent £1 on bubbles.Some of us were very busy with water sales and the tombola others not so Benn,but we think your car needs a clean. Ian picked up a second place in cars of show so well done for that, Benn’s would probably have won but was nobbled by a muddy puddle. After all the rain our water sold well. Total for today £753.32 so a good weekend for SSAFA with over £1315.52 being donated.Thanks to all that attended and braved the showers, see you all soon. 

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