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Autoshow du Uxbridge

Convening at my hostelry for tea and bacon butties before the Uxbridge Autoshow which will be our sixth attendance. Mr Paul introduced us to his Orange Wanquish a bit of class added to Team Tango. A family welcome to Annabel Savva’s better half hope you enjoyed the day. Very slow to start with in trying to earn a crust for SSAFA but things picked up and we managed to shift some water. Fundraising tip the tombola continues to perform with a variety of prizes. The Lancaster Bomber put in an appearance with 3 passes over the showground. There really is something special about the iconic sound of those 4 mighty Rolls Royce Merlin engines as it passes overhead. Fun and laughter had by all.Total will be updated when known but the clear winner will be SSAFA. So roll on the next one at Wattisham in August . Total for the day was a little disappointing at £307 especially when everyone put in a shift.

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