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Salisbury Guildhall

We must be mad getting up at silly o’clock on a cold November Saturday to raise money for SSAFA but as a rally family we love it, it warms the cockles of our hearts.The rally family converged on Salisbury Guildhall. Plenty of cars,people,stock and enthusiasm. The stall looked purposefull as we engaged with the public. Sally “do you want a ballon” was doing her best to deplete our stock. The Star Wars crew appeared and “Hutch”soon had every thing under control regarding photo opportunity’s.Despite eating cake Benn looked under the weather when posing with Steve and Mick. Mr and Mrs Mayor dropped by they spoke to all the drivers and the people manning the stand. Lady Mayoress nominated and presented medals for the best 3 cars Steve’s Jaguar,Steve and Lucy’s Caterham and winner Rob with his Cerb happy days. Our busking duo started there set and halted the efforts of the Craft Fare Crier (thank god) we and the shoppers were treated to a repertoire of 60’s and Beatles hits. Jim perfected his Rally Raffle Car spiel and sold over 20 books he even sold Sir Andy Gregory some tickets(“SSAFA Boss”) who turned up un announced. A great day superbly organised by Mark and Kim and many thanks to everyone who attended. The real winners were the people of Salisbury who we entertained and of course SSAFA being £1298.37 better off. Footnote now I remember why we don’t do many winter events Brrrrrr. 

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